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Three-piece wire cutting set——make cutting work easier
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Xiamen Honglu has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "creating higher value for customers", focusing on enhancing your value and ensuring your best interests.
In 2020, Xiamen Honglu put forward the vision of "providing overall solutions to make wire cutting work easier", and by building a wire cutting ecosystem, it can better serve the wire cutting people.
In the past year, through industry research, reasonable allocation of resources, rigorous testing and multi-party collaboration, the first batch of ecosphere products will soon come to your side.

Ecosphere "fresh" picture

1. Customized molybdenum wire for exclusive thread cutting

Solve the "last 100 meters" problem
★Exclusive customization of meters, one plate at a time, reducing waste
★Independent packaging to avoid oxidation, green protection

2. "Honglu" brand high-performance conductive block

Computer test: lifespan increased by more than 260%
★High-quality raw materials: YG8 raw materials produced by Xiamen Tungsten Industry
★Leading technology: good compactness, high hardness, smooth surface, greatly reduced loss
★Independent packaging: more convenient storage and storage

Product parameters:
Density: ρ=14.75±0.1g/cm3
Rockwell hardness: HRA=90.0±0.5

3. "Luyou" brand water-soluble wire cutting fluid

Produced and recommended by Xiamen Honglu

Better matching effect with "Honglu" molybdenum wire

★Efficient processing: 30 days of continuous work efficiency does not decrease, especially for high workpiece/medium wire processing
★Smooth chip removal: good consistency and high finish of the workpiece
★Excellent rust prevention: green and environmentally friendly, harmless to humans and machines
★Humanized design: double handles, safe and labor-saving

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