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Molybdenum Products for Glass Melting Furnace
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Glass melting furnace needs two kind of Mo products

One is the glass melting electrode, working as the heater to deliver the electricity into the glass melts and provides the heat source. In this way, it provides more uniform temperature rather than the heat radiation from outside, it also increase the flow of the melts proving the quality of the glass. It is controllable, clean energy and more efficient than gas burner.

Second, the throat protect of the furnace… actually refractory bricks are more easily corroded by the glass melts than Mo does, especially in the area of throat. that is the reason why more and more glass makers are using Mo sheets as the armor to protect the throat to extend the service of the bricks, which also means the service life of the furnace. Like in the image…the flow of the glass melts wash this area again and again…so throat needs special protection.


As we know, during the startup of the glass melting furnace, before the glass melts, glasses are too viscous to flow and cover Mo products, so Mo products are heated with the oxygen present and damaged by oxidation because of poor oxidation resistance.

The aim of this Multilayered coating is to increase the oxidation resistance of Mo and protect them from oxidation damage during the start-up.

Scale up the coating to the real size of the GME.As we see in the cross section image of the coating:Each layer blend smoothly into each other.it is a smooth compositional gradient coating. Advantages of this is that it will eliminate abrupt interfaces between layers in the coating structure and provides better resistance to both oxidation and silicon inward diffusion.  And there is no Mo oxides layer formation between the coating and Mo substrate.

The following sample:

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