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Medical Tungsten Pin – Made by Honglu
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     Tungsten features in excellent machinability, high melting point, and low expansion coefficient. It has gradually replaced stainless steel and has been widely used in electrosurgical instruments. The most common one is the micro dissection needle electrodes. As a heat-resistant material, tungsten can maintain the tip sharpness, then the ultra-sharp tips of the micro dissection electrodes facilitate cleaning and precise cutting of tissue.

After technical improvement, Honglu can accurately control the sizes and surface finish of the tungsten pin tip, which solves the industrys difficulties, such as the breakage and tissue adhesion. 

Table 1 The sizes and tolerances of tungsten pin

Picture 1 Comparison with other Tungsten Pins – Surface Finish

Honglu Pin  Ra 0.135 

Imported Pin  Ra 0.399

Other Domestic Pin   Ra 0.801

Picture 2 Comparison with other Tungsten Pins – Radius of Tip

 Honglu Pin  6μm

Imported Pin  44μm

Other Domestic Pin  41μm

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