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Pursue the Ultimate Performance of Target Materials to Boost the Manufacturing Industry 4.0
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The basic principle of sputtering coating is to allow particles with sufficiently high energy to bombard the surface of the target material, so that the atoms in the target material are "sputtered" and deposited on the substrate to form a film.

Gas discharge is usually used to generate gas ionization. The positive ions bombard the target as the cathode at high speed under the action of an electric field, knock out atoms or molecules of the cathode target, and fly to the surface of the substrate to be plated to deposit a thin film.

The technological development trend of target materials is closely related to the development trend of thin film technology in downstream application industries.

In semiconductor industry, Tungsten(W) thin films are mainly utilized as a material for constituting electronic parts such as a gate electrode or the wring material in W-Al(Tungsten-aluminum) based technology.

In recent years, the microelectronics and semiconductor industries have developed rapidly. Depend of these electronic parts for high-integration, high-reality, high-functional performance, high-speed processing has been increased. In order to meet the above demand, it is essential that reduce a resistance of the thin film material. W is notable material away the metals proposed for gate and interconnection metallization. Tungsten has a low electrical resistance and is also excellent in heat resistance, so that W has attracted engineer’s attention as a fortune material for constituting the electrodes and wires.

Ultra High Purity(UHP) Tungsten targets produced by XIAMEN HONGLU are applied by physical vapor deposition(PVD) techniques, Deposited thin films have high uniformity, minimum particle generation during sputtering, and desired electrical properties, which can perfectly satisfy the extreme pursuit of materials in the semiconductor industry.

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