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Core technology of tungsten and molybdenum creating greater value of semiconductor industry
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Ion implanters, lithography machines, etching machines and coating machines are four core equipments of semiconductor wafer manufacturing. Ion implanter is lithography machine’s second most precies equipment. Ion implantation is composed of five parts include ion source, magnetic analyzer, acceleration tube or deceleration tube, focusing and scanning system, process chamber (target chamber and background processing system).


Tungsten and molybdenum materials have the advantages of stable high-temperature chemical properties, low thermal deformation rate and long service life, so the ion source parts and consumable parts of ion implantation devices used in the semiconductor industry are mostly made of tungsten and molybdenum materials, includes the shielding tube of cathode, ARC chamber plate, etc. Due to Xiamen Honglu years of experience in manufacturing of tungsten and molybdenum material , we have mature production processes and integrated inspection technique. By optimizing the traditional process of tungsten and molybdenum materialincluding purifying, alloying, sintering and densifying, grain refining and secondary grain refining by control rolling or swaging technology etc., the traditional tungsten and molybdenum material lifespan, high temperature resistance and creep resistance can be greatly improved.




Properties and characteristics of W/Mo rod and sheet for ion source of semiconductor ion implanters.


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